Excel Gets Sheets-Esque Checkboxes

A long overdue update arrives for Office Insiders.

Andrew Moss
2 min readOct 7, 2023

Checkboxes have never been Excel’s biggest strength because:

  • They cannot sit in cells.
  • They cannot be resized.
  • They cannot be coloured.
  • They are only compatible with desktop versions.
  • They are visibly pixelated even after zooming in a tad over 100%.
  • They require a designated TRUE/FALSE cell to determine their state.
  • The Developer tab must be enabled to access the Check Box form control.

If you’ve ever set foot in Google Sheets, you might have said to yourself: if only Excel had checkboxes like these.

Sheets’ implementation has long been regarded as superior to Excel’s, thanks to them being the opposite of almost all the aforementioned points.

However, guess what?

Excel now has Sheets-esque checkboxes.

Yes! Cell-based, easily accessible, resizable, and colourable. All the things your heart desires.

On the Insert tab, hit the Checkbox button to add one to the active cell(s).