Spreadsheet Day was celebrated this month—an occasion to mark 42 years of the tool that has enhanced the business world and our personal lives so dearly.

Their use has spanned across many industries and professions, including financial, scientific, medical, and engineering. Some have been fast adopters—others much slower. But no…

Staring at a worksheet with a plethora of errors is not sightly, but it can be your saving grace for diagnosing formula problems.

Over a dozen error types exist, and chances are you will have seen most of them at some point, but you wouldn’t necessarily be able to pinpoint…

There’s bound to have been a time when you’ve entered text into a cell, only to find it doesn’t all fit.

Widening the cell column would make sense, however, you may not want to if it interferes with something else.

In this situation, typically you’d use Merge & Center, which…

Andrew Moss

Writer | Spreadsheet Creator | Excel Aficionado | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewcharlesmoss/

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