Spreadsheet Day was celebrated this month—an occasion to mark 42 years of the tool that has enhanced the business world and our personal lives so dearly.

Their use has spanned across many industries and professions, including financial, scientific, medical, and engineering. Some have been fast adopters—others much slower. But no…


It’s fair to say that Excel formulas are becoming like a programming language. Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has fundamentally changed Excel’s calculation engine and introduced a set of functions that allow us to construct formulas to do much more with less.

It doesn’t stop there.

If you…


I am going to show you the different ways you can build a football league table in Excel. Some of the methods are old school, but others utilise Excel’s new capabilities.

In case you weren’t already aware, Excel has undergone a big change to its calculation engine fairly recently. The…

For all the great things about Excel, one of the most confusing things is how it stores and displays data.

Every cell has a number format, which can be selected from the dropdown in the Home ribbon tab. …


Did you know your Excel calculations can be affected by filtering tables or hiding rows?

It’s one of those questions you may well answer with an emphatic yes. But if I dig beneath the surface, I know many of you wouldn’t be able to tell me the difference between the…

The standard way of storing data in Excel is to have one cell for one value. However, a value might be composed of multiple parts — making it harder to work with. …

There’s bound to have been a time when you’ve entered text into a cell, only to find it doesn’t all fit.

Widening the cell column would make sense, however, you may not want to if it interferes with something else.

In this situation, typically you’d use Merge & Center, which…

How to Use Goal Seek in Excel.

Excel’s Goal Seek is a What-If Analysis feature that allows backsolving calculations. It’s useful in situations where you have a known output value but want to find the input that dictates it.

In the ribbon, it is found in Data (tab) > What-If Analysis (Forecast group) > Goal Seek.

Still got that old copy of Excel installed?

Uninstall it, bin it (if it’s a CD-ROM), and get with the times.

STOP being an Excel dinosaur!

You’re Missing Out on the Updates

You may not be aware, but unless you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you will not receive any updates (apart from security patches).


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